You NEED an Accountability Partner

Have your ever lacked the desire to get up and exercise, eat a little better to serve your body or make sure you get enough sleep? I sure have BUT I've found the answer to all your worries!


It's PROVEN that you will show up and stick with your commitments before you'll do it when it's just you that you're counting on! Accountability partners help you succeed by having the expectation that you'll do what you say you're going to do.

For example, these are some of my accountability partners within different areas of my life.

Sleep-my husband and I almost ALWAYS go to bed at the same time. We keep each other in check to make sure we get enough sleep to tackle our commitments.

Exercise-I have running friends, cycling instructors, and my kids who make sure that I show up and take care of this necessity in my life. (yes my kids know how important exercise is for a sane, happy mama!)

Eating well-I've told multiple people that I'm working on not participating in social eating (which is simply not eating something I don't want to just to be socially accepted) and they have kept me on my A-game.

Spirituality-I am blessed to have SO many people around me who help me be the best version of myself by letting me be me and encouraging me to stay on the path that I desire.

Accountability partners are a two-way relationship! They hold you accountable and you hold them accountable. There is no right or wrong way to be an accountability partner, but make sure you set your standards high when choosing one for yourself.

BUT PLEASE!!!!! You DO NOT want a partner that always pardons you when you fall off of your commitments you have made to yourself, this WILL NOT benefit you in any way!!!

Accountability is the ability to work towards progress knowing that you have to answer for the ups and downs. Make new friends, or enlist the ones you already have and find an accountability partner TODAY!




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