Why Exercising really matters; and how to do it well!

Like Nike's catchphrase that has stuck for over 40 years, JUST DO IT!

Many people miss the mark when they hear the word exercise. Really think and answer these questions in your mind. Have you said any of the following as an excuse for WHY you haven't made exercise a necessity in your life?

  • lots of sweating

  • I don't like cardio

  • I can't

  • I'm tired

  • I don't want big muscles

  • I don't need to

  • it hurts

  • I'm too......old, overweight, uncoordinated

  • I don't have time

  • it's expensive

If you answered YES to at least ONE of these, you are NOT alone, and guess what, it's OKAY! What matters next is that you keep reading to learn why exercise really does matter.

Exercise impacts not only your physical appearance but your mental stamina

Exercise has been proven to increase all the 'feel good' hormones produced in the body. DOSE (Dopamine, oxytocin, Serotonin and Epinephrine). With these hormones released, mental stamina is increased. The ability to handle life challenges and have more energy is increased.

As your strength builds, so does your desire

As you get stronger through challlenging exercises, which could be adding another few houses to your daily walk, you desire to keep pushing increases. With the desire to increase comes more growth. Not only in areas of physical ability but all other areas of your life as well. If you're feeling like life is a little dull with family activities, date nights, social opportunities, etc, try adding exercise to your daily routine and watch how it changes how you show up.

Muscle Endurance and Bone Strength

As we age, our bodies change composition. Our muscles become smaller and our bones become more brittle. The impacts of exercising, specifically personalized weight training for your body type and ability, reverse the changes of aging. Bones become denser and muscles become stronger to protect the aging process. Who wouldn't want to feel younger?

Exercising doesn't have to be a chore; it can be fun

As a personal trainer, naturally I'm biased to the fun that exercising can be. Every aspect of it, running, weight training, squats, pull-ups, pushups, etc sounded AWFUL! Then I was introduced to an instructor and a group of friends who pushed me to learn differently than my comfortable Zumba/dancing. I learned to find fun in all that I did. Group classes were an opportunity to be social and to satisfy my competitive nature, in a healthy way that no one else knew I was doing. Once I started training my clients on a one on one basis, I learned that I could make each session fun, entertaining and always laughing, whether it be at the new workout I'm introducing or simply because they are surprised that they could do more than they thought they could. Trust me, it's was more fun than going to the dentist.

How much exercise? How often?

Recommendations from CDC state that 30 minutes a day for 5 days a week is necessary to experience the benefits stated above. 2 of those days should be strength/muscle challenge workouts. The following general recommednations count as exercise, although a personalized plan is BEST!






dance fitness


any sport (soccer, basketball, etc)

weight training

What matters is that you JUST DO SOMETHING! That's Stronger Today Health's phrase that will stick for the next 40 years!

Don't know where to start, give me a DM! I would love to help you start and achieve your goals!

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