Physical Stamina defines the Mental Capacity

As I've set out on this wonderful journey to connect with my friends, family and followers, I have strived to connect the importance of how we feel being amongst the most important rather than how we look.

I have been embarking on a fitness education journey since my teen years, but more specifically the last 3 months. I have always felt the connection with how essential it is to physically take care of my body. It doesn't mean I'm perfect, but it means I think about it every day. Am I getting enough water, sleep, exercise, and healthy foods? The times that I have felt the best were when I was spot on with the majority of these categories. Consequentially, the times that I have felt the worst were when I was off in these areas.

As I'm studying to become a Certified Personal Trainer (I take my test in 2 weeks), I have learned the value of truly caring for our bodies, with science to back it up. Sometimes it's tempting to think that those who regularly exercise, eat healthy and drink lots of water must be crazy focused, determined or at worst weird for not indulging a little in relaxing the standards a little. While it might be true, people that focus on their health have found the necessity and are truly setting themselves up for future success mentally.

Studies have repeatedly shown that endorphins and other "feel good" hormones are produced or increased in our bodies when we move our bodies. This is whether you are going for a walk, swimming, cycling, running, playing a sport, etc. Often it's misunderstood that you must be all out sweating and portraying a lack of heart rate control to experience these benefits.


While the more cardiovascular work you perform increases your hearts capacity for future work, all benefits are treated equal in producing someone who feels better, especially in the moments following completion. A sense of accomplishment and self efficacy is born and continues to live as we feed it daily exercise behavior at any intensity. Your mental capacity is increased, your clarity becomes focused and you experience energy to perform daily tasks with more vigor.

I truly believe that anything physical we are up against is a reflection of our mental state in how we perceive it. For example, I was reminded of a metaphor regarding mountains as I have enjoyed the views from the bottom as well as the top. Mountains hold such significance in how we perceive our problems. If we approach the bottom and refuse to climb because we can see how rough the way and how long the trail will be, we will miss out on the beautiful view from the top. If we take the hill head on with a perspective of conquering the pain and time it takes to climb, the fruits of our labors will far exceed the effort required.

"Life's a climb, but the view's great". -Miley Cyrus

"It's not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves." -Edmund Hillary

We must not shrink from the success that comes as we physically push through something that seemed impossible at one point to eventually owning that struggle and coming out stronger for it.

How will you view the mountains in your life? Will you slow the pace and make it complaining all the way, or will you take it head on and be grateful for the view at the top?

The view from the top of one mountain looking on another. The higher you get, the more you can see.




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