Pain of Discipline or Pain of Regret?

Motivation is NEVER the problem when it comes to moving our bodies and taking better care of them. It's ALWAYS a lack of DISCIPLINE!

How am I so bold to say this? It's directly proven.

On any given day, you can ask the majority how important exercise and eating well is to their overall well-being and they will affirm that it's important. They will even claim that they know what do to! (That's motivation).

When you ask them what they do, most people will put their head down as if their ashamed because they're not doing what they KNOW they should. That's a lack of DISCIPLINE.

When you know it's right, live the congruent life of DISCIPLINE. Don't wait for a Monday, the 1st of the month, the upcoming season or vacation, etc.

Live the Disciplined life today so you don't have to live a Regretful one tomorrow!




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