Get obsessed! Do the work!

When trying something new, or harder that’s physically challenging, take the time to learn about it.

When I first started running 4 years ago, I asked every question to my “runner friends” that I could think of to help me prepare for my first goal to run a half marathon. When I say every question, I literally mean EVERY question. Like what kind of shoes should I wear, how should I breathe, what should I eat, how long should I run without stopping, shop I pick a pace or a time or mileage to focus on? I’m pretty sure they got tired of me asking! But I didn’t care, I wanted to do it and I wanted to do it well.

Four years later I have built enough confidence that I’m not asking the questions of a newbie but the deeper rooted questions of the learned. When do I get new shoes, how can I maximize the time that I have, how do I rebuild my muscles to perform better? I have attended seminars, classes, trainings and studying exercise science to better understand the body, but more importantly my body.

I have become obsessed for success!

My point is to encourage you to learn what you need to to help you feel comfortable trying something new, hard or physically enjoyable to level up your physical strength. When your muscles are activating and oxygen is readily flowing throughout your body, like during a physically demanding activity, your brain thanks you for the effort. It creates “feel good” hormones that allow you to conquer more of your day, ultimately leading to a more joy-filled life.

Give your body a gift and get obsessed with learning how to listen better to it and go the “extra mile” in taking care of it.

(My new hard this year. Training and completely a trail half marathon. )

The world needs you at your best! Go do something physically challenging!




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