Believing in yourself is easier said than done; believe in others belief of you!

Studying to become a personal trainer was an experience that I am grateful to have had, yet there was no shortage of frustration, self doubt and mental fatigue as time neared for my test. Today was the day!

A combination of sick kids, husband out of town, feeling sick myself, a general lack of motivation to keep studying, and failing multiple preparation quizzes left me a feeling pf self doubt and lack of confidence in my abilities to pass the test. However, I was highly motivated months ago when I signed up for the day and time that I told EVERYONE about it. This was a good thing because it helped me have the encouragement that I needed and the ability to push past my insecurities. Having friends and family in my corner cheering me on made all the difference, even if I didn't believe in myself.

The best part was that my family was there waiting for me when I came out of the testing center. It was an hour drive from our house and I had no clue that they would be there. As much as they believed in my, they didn't know for sure that they would have success to celebrate, but they were there no matter what.

Believe in others belief of you, even if you're lacking the belief yourself!



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