Believing in yourself.....Exciting News!!!! Part 2

To help promote my Personal Training business, my thoughts were turned to the local Farmer's Market. (ok honestly it always bugged me that a "farmers market" in Utah rarely sold "farmers" goods, but a friend of mine "poked the bear" and helped me realize that this would be a great venue to promote my business) This friend has played a crucial role in believing in me!

I've always been fond of shirts that have sayings on them, whether it's about their personality, their interests in bands, or simply the fashion statement that it makes. I knew that what I could create would be an extension of what I promote in my business; working on how you feel instead of focusing so much on how you look to the world. T-shirt sayings can be a conversational piece if you let them. Seriously, wouldn't you nod your head in a agreement if you saw my shirt that says, "Mama needs a nap" or asked me how many children I have to warrant that plea?

So I set out on this crazy notion while I was working my brain off studying to become the best personal trainer that I can be through extensive education and knowledge. I knew right off the bat that I couldn't do this alone, simply because creativity is NOT one of my talents or one that I even care to expound much upon, so I employed/begged the same 'bear poking friend' friend to create designs for me with some of my favorites sayings. She agreed with excitement and has been there along the way encouraging me and pushing me to get myself out there. (spoiler alert, I'm actually a pretty quiet/shy person until I get to know how/if you can handle my real personality of being outgoing and opinionated). Setting out to be a vendor at a farmers market is definitely out of my comfort zone, but one that I have learned to embrace as time gets closer to truly launch my business!


Saturday August 3, 9-1pm Corey B Wride Park, Eagle Mountain, UT.

If you're not local, I will have my online store up and running by the end of next week; come by and take a peek!

Thank you all for your silent and audible encouragement to help me help my community take better care of their wonderful bodies that we have all been blessed with!



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