Wife to an Amazing, Supportive Husband & 

Mother of 4 Wonderful, Talented, Energetic,
Opinionated, Independent Children

I am a mother of 4 and wife of an amazing husband.  As a child, I was often teased about my body.  I was called skinny, anorexic and even weak; that one made me hurt the most.  I spent too much time trying to prove to people that I wasn't any of those without much success.  While continually taking care of myself, my husband was diagnosed with a rare condition that affects the production and sustainability of red blood cells.  After his diagnosis and lifelong treatment plan and remembering how I was/have been treated surrounding my physical image, my soul became alive in health and nutrition.  I have always had a passion for wellness, but knew I had to do something more to help my husband enjoy his quality of life and do my best to prevent other diet, exercise and health related illnesses in my family and among my community. I set out to help others focus on how they feel, not how they look.  (Physically)

I was raised by a single grandparent who cared immensely for my well-being.  I was an only child who was opinionated, yet fearful of being rejected by others. I was cared for in a way that would be my normal. Befriending others gave me the opportunity to mentally push through what the world said was a "normal family".  I had to learn a lot of mental toughness through choices of others that directly affected me.  I have learned how to truly forgive others, see them for who they are and expect out of them what I  know they're capable of, all while trying to keep my emotions in check. I became a woman of strength and power as I dealt with my emotions in the moment.  I set out to help others focus on forgiveness, mental stamina and sharing openly & honestly without calling the cavalry of Facebook followers to 'like' their bad days.(Mentally)

I was raised a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  I was taught that what made me peculiar as a member wasn't that 'we' were better than anyone else, but that we stood out against what the world openly accepted.  Shortly after we were married, my husband revealed an addiction to pornography that was present since his teenage years.  My heart and trust was broken, but I chose him, which meant I chose to struggle when he struggles and lift him, as he lifts me.  We have struggled for years to keep this addiction under control, and finally feel like we're on top. This is attributed to becoming closer to my Savior, Jesus Christ through understanding the importance and power of scripture study and pleading in prayer, regular temple attendance and turning my own weaknesses into strengths.. I truly understand how the Atonement of Jesus Christ can help me, the innocent. (Spiritually)

And so you're here, with me, ready to make the change and command your life Physically, Mentally, Spiritually.  I promise to deliver messages, education and insights on how to become a better YOU, because the world needs YOU at your best!





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